Jabłka Adama Store

Jabłka Adama Store

Jabłka Adama [eng. Adam’s Apples] is a new store with Apple computers in Poznań. The young owners of the store wanted to create a fresh and interesting image of their company. That’s why they chose the architects from mode:lina™ studio to design the interior of the store. Branding for Jabłka Adama was created from scratch by MINIMA.


  • Project Sklep Jabłka Adama
  • Investor Adam
  • Design Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin
  • Photos Marcin Ratajczak
  • Completion 2014
  • Location Poznań
  • Area 60 m2
  • Press Release Download Press Release

Architects were inspired by the wisely invented name of the store – a combination of apples from Apple company and the name of the owner – Adam. The main theme of this interior became fruits and everything that goes with them. Since paper bags are used for packaging apples, the architects came up with the idea to use them as a part of the installation on the walls. Duplicated and overlapping, the paper bags create a distinctive and at the same time raw and ecological detail.

The typical store exhibition counter was replaced by a mobile stall, build from wooden frames. The customer service point was done similarly, as a big wood counter on wheels. Wooden boxes, usually used for selling fruits, this time were placed on the store’s walls as an exposition. Along the huge windows, the designers placed a long, comfortable bench with pillows that makes the interior warm and provides a place to relax while shopping.

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ul. Zwierzyniecka 28D/2
60-814 Poznan, Poland