The mode:lina studio is made up of a team of talented young Polish designers who share the same approach to architecture as a tool for the constant exploration of new forms and functions, design thinking fuelled by going beyond the beaten track, inspired by contradictions and contrasts, and finally designing spaces of experience that simply make people’s lives better.


It is part of the team’s working logic to be proactive in driving projects, to be independent in finding solutions and to have genuine fun in their work.

mode:lina is a design studio founded by Paweł Garus and Jerzy Woźniak.

The final form of the projects carried out in the studio is always the result of a careful analysis of behaviour, habits and lifestyles, carried out using the author’s model of the design process, in which the professionalism of the proposed solutions and substantive support during all stages of the project does not lose sight of the importance of good, human communication.

Our team

  • Paweł Garus designer & co-founder
  • Jerzy Woźniak designer & co-founder
  • Kinga Kin designer
  • Anna Kazecka-Włodarczyk designer
  • Anita Lupa designer
  • Alicja Maculewicz designer
  • Marceli Sobański designer
  • Katarzyna Majewska-Kremska designer
  • Patryk Lewiński coo & business development manager

We inspire each other and encourage the clash of contradictions and the non-obvious, we want to surprise and be surprised, it develops us.

The name of the studio is not accidental. Initially, it was meant to suggest a distance between the young designers and the serious architectural offices with dignified-sounding names. At the same time, it was – and still is – a memento: work should be enjoyable. Divided by a colon, mode:lina combines the flexibility of the plastic mass and its openness to transformations with the technicality of the architectural language of lines and modules. It suggests the processual nature of design work, a willingness to experiment with form and function.

It refers back to our philosophy, which assumes that the creation of architecture is at the same time the design of experience, requiring an interdisciplinary approach in which the architect’s design creativity and workshop are accompanied by sociological imagination and elements of psychological know-how.

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ul. Zwierzyniecka 28D/2
60-814 Poznan, Poland