Coworking Brain Embassy Czackiego

Coworking Brain Embassy Czackiego

After the success of the innumerably awarded Brain Embassy Amphitheater project, the next step in mode:lina™ and Adgar Poland cooperation was an reactivation of socmodern office building in the center of Warsaw into a new coworking space and release it into the hands of residents.


  • Project Coworking Brain Embassy Czackiego
  • Investor Adgar Poland
  • Design Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Natalia Wasicionek, Kinga Kin
  • Photos Patryk Lewiński
  • Completion Marzec 2022
  • Location ul. Czackiego 15/17, Warszawa
  • Press Release Download press materials

Postwar building underwent revitalization that breathed new coworking life into it, which in turn caused it to positively affect the surroundings.

Coworking visitors are welcomed with the view of elevators, over which bulbs and signs are hung in the style of Broadway theaters’ entrances.

The majestic building is an example of Warsaw’s soc-modernism, apart from serving as an office space inside of its walls, it hosted a cult-like Teatr Kwadrat.

Designers did not indifferently skip this fact and merged DNA Brain Embassy coworking with a broad spectrum of theatrical inspirations and various forms of creative activity.

Another space that’s startling from the get go is a high patio with a chandelier that goes through two storeys.

Completing the vibe of the main motive are conference rooms, which emancipated the theme of multiple artistic activities connected to theatrical arts.

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