BIZUU Après-Midi

BIZUU Après-Midi

Blanka Jordan and Zuzanna Wachowiak, founders and designers of the popular fashion brand BIZUU, which has gained a huge popularity on the Polish fashion market since 2010, have created a brand-new afternoon clothing line under the label BIZUU Après-Midi. The first boutique of the BIZUU Après-Midi opened in Poznań and mode:lina™ team has been invited to cooperation.


  • Project BIZUU Après-Midi
  • Design Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin
  • Photos Marcin Ratajczak
  • Completion October 2016
  • Location CH Posnania, Poznań
  • Area 60 m2
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Blanka and Zuzanna always work together on designs of each collection. As a result, even the tiniest detail is well prepared. Therefore, the inspiration for the architects has become one of the most characterictic element of Blanka and Zuzanna’s work – pattern with rich lines and angles. Imitated workshop atmosphere in the boutique combines loose character of the new brand and a technical style.

Tailor’s pattern rich in lines and angles

Architects from mode:lina™ studio have written into the space of the local lines and shapes inspired by patterns. Patchwork made of various materials is consistent with the refreshed visual identification of BIZUU brand. Interior of the boutique, where the walls are covered with black and white carrara marble pattern, are complemented by a pink, perforated sheet metal and black, contrastive edges. Similar solution in an openwork arrangement has been used in a window. This particular style has been also applied to a dynamic, illuminated lines in an entrance.

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ul. Zwierzyniecka 28D/2
60-814 Poznan, Poland