Laurella Fashion Store

Laurella Fashion Store

LAURELLA is the popular Polish fashion brand, with designers Laura Reiss-Vogel and Marcin Vogel standing behind its success. In 2021 this couple opened yet another store, and mode:lina™ was entrusted with designing it.

Main objectives set by the investors were crystal clear: the shop has to be the most pink and instagrammable place on the map of Poland. Another target was to create the safest and the most welcoming space for parents and their children to enjoy, as they often accompany the former while they’re shopping.


  • Project Laurella Fashion Store
  • Design Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin
  • Photos Patryk Lewiński
  • Completion November 2021
  • Location ul. Szymańskiego 10, Poznań
  • Area 160 m2
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Several themed zones, linked to each other by illuminated portals

To meet these defined expectations, architects proposed to divide the shop’s space into a few themed areas, connected to one another with well-lighted portals. In every one of them pink is still very much present, differing in shade only, and the entire concept is complemented with characteristic, eye-catching neons.

With the first step through the door, our adventure begins with a floral room, embellished with lamps in lotus flower shape, flower-patterned floor, paper flowers and Flower Power neon.

Further into the Laurella we are welcomed by the Roller Derby Arena with special tracks resembling those in roller skating avenues with energizing lighting and pink roller skates with stylish neons in the background.

The next zone revolves around the Pool Party theme. What we’ll find here is a pool filled to the brim with, you guessed it, pink balls, shower room with golden armature and lifebuoy next to another neon – “Pool party” one. Apart from aesthetics, kids adore spending time there, awaiting their mothers.

Pool Party time!

Straight from the pool zone we go to our next stop – changing rooms with style reminiscent of London’s tube, with characteristic tiles in the shape of bricks, tube’s map and metal chairs. Changing rooms alone teleport us to the interior of railroad car with lamps alluding to specific hangers in the shape of a wheel, London’s telephone booth and an elevator, in which we can find fantastic door sliding to the sides, and when they are shut, a coffer is lit to signify that someone is inside.

American Diner, or welcome to the ’60s

The final point of interest in a shopping escapade is, of course, a counter – and as the entire store is dripping with fascinating motives, this one could not be the exception. This time it is American Diner, with distinguishable checkers running all around the room, bar counter lighted by tens of lightbulbs, illuminated logotype and pink bar stools – as if taken straight from the 60s. In this very room there also is a pink cart with a coffee machine for clients to use.

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