Fair Stand for Customform

Fair Stand for Customform

mode:lina™ studio once again made an appearance at the Poznań International Fair, this time designing an ecological pavilion for Customform.


  • Project Fair Stand for Customform
  • Investor Customform
  • Design Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak
  • Photos Marcin Ratajczak, Patryk Lewiński
  • Completion 2016
  • Location Poznań
  • Area 50 m2
  • Press Release Download Press Release

The designers from mode:lina™ have once again taken on the challenge of creating a project based on four key guidelines: the use of renewable materials, low construction cost, fast building, and brand identity construction.

Therefore, the architects resorted to an environmentally friendly solution that was well-known from previous projects. Cardboard tubes became the main structural element that built the pavilion’s recognizability. The walls of the pavilion, which separate the product display areas, were constructed using these tubes. Each zone was filled with Polish design and eco-design, showcasing Customform’s flagship products.

The cardboard tubes were also used to create the main decorative element of the booth – a distinctive decorative wall at the center of the pavilion. The premiere of the pavilion took place at the prestigious Meble Polska 2016 fair, held in Poznań in March 2016. Meble Polska fair is the largest furniture fair in Central and Eastern Europe. During this year’s fair, which covered an area of 42,000 square meters, 240 companies from 9 countries (Belarus, Denmark, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Italy) presented their offerings.

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