Stary Browar Food Court

Food Court Stary Browar

Stary Browar and mode:lina™ are responsible for a small revolution in Atrium. The guests can now visit a revamped food court floor. This remodeling is the first of some large-scale changes which will take place in Stary Browar, and which are overseen by mode:lina™ team.

Keeping in mind that Poznań constantly develops and the city centre receives new visitors, Stary Browar decided to look for solutions which would enhance their guests’ experience. Stary Browar builds on having an exceptional space and the image it has enjoyed for years, based on its unique architecture, works of art and buzzing urban spaces, and it now adds further city and people-friendly solutions.


  • Project Stary Browar Food Court
  • Design Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Małgorzata Wawrzynek, Kinga Kin
  • Photos Patryk Lewiński
  • Completion August 2018
  • Location Atrium, Stary Browar, Poznań
  • Area 450 m2
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The first modification comes in a form of a food court in Atrium, created in cooperation with mode:lina™. It matches the changes that happen in our life, as well as changing customer preferences. The new food court in Stary Browar’s Atrium is inspired by the energy of urban life and meets the requirements of the “eat & go” formula. The redone food court is a diversified space, characterised by a light style, and inspired by modern home kitchens.

The whole design is very ‘social’, conducive to good mood and to openness to others, and at the same time it gives comfort and a feeling of safety – says Renata Gralec, Director of Stary Browar Centre.

The diversified space is characterised by a light style, and inspired by modern home kitchens

Materials inspired by history

Materials catch the eye in a natural way, and people also remember their experiences thanks to the sense of touch. That is why, in this new space a range of guest-friendly materials was used. Their composition creates a coherent and vibrant interior, a place you want to spend time in.

To complete the atmosphere of the new food court, elements which are inspired by important history of Stary Browar were added, with it being an industrial facility and an example of a successful commercialisation of revitalised buildings. Therefore among the furniture, one will find many copper decorations, as a reminder of old brewery equipment.

Work has also been done at the terrace and in one of the least known, yet open to the public, areas of Stary Browar – Kajówka. Its name comes from the surname of the author of the food court’s first décor – Ryszard Kaja, a recognised scenographer, painter and graphic designer. Hence, Kajówka’s interior is lit up by a neon sign with the artist’s signature, and on the walls there are 115 postcards from his cult series of posters on Poland.

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