Water Pavilion

Water Pavilion

Several hundred years of the history of Chwaliszewo Bend was inseparably connected with water, but due to the actions undertaken in the 60s, this relationship has been interrupted. In the past, the old bed of the Warta River was associated with industry, logistics, and defense. Future plans, according to city authorities, are to transform the area into places with greenery and recreation. The mission of the Water Pavilion project is not to ask questions whether to restore or not the old course of the river, but rather to remind the people of the history of this place.


  • Project Water Pavilion
  • Design Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak
  • Completion Conceptual Project
  • Location Poznań

Important objectives of the project are:

1. Memory – recall the history of the city along with Chwaliszewo Bend in a way that intrigues and stimulates the imagination,
2. Animation of the process of revitalizing the old riverbed of Warta River by implication of new features
3. Creation of interesting public spaces , exhibitions, and meeting places that create a platform for interpersonal interaction
4. Openness and easy access enable free pedestrian flow. The form of the Water Pavilion is an effect of these four assumptions.

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