VÈLO7 Cycle Shop

VÈLO7 Cycle Shop

VÈLO7 is a group of bicycle enthusiasts who want to share their passion with others. Interested in offering best quality bicycles to their customers, they have decided to create a unique place that would reflect their common fascination. This job was entrusted to a befriended studio – mode:lina™.

„We are crazy about bicycles. We can race, ride and ramble on about them all the time. Bicycles definitely get us going.” – VÈLO7


  • Project VÈLO7 Cycle Shop
  • Design Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Anna Kazecka-Włodarczyk
  • Photos Patryk Lewiński
  • Completion Wrzesień 2017
  • Location ul. Głogowska 125, Poznań
  • Area 100 m2
  • Branding Minima Advertising People™
  • Awards 2018 / Main Prize at EuroShop RetailDesign Award
    2018 / Special Mention at AiT Award
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The cyclists needed a multifunctional space which could easily accommodate the functions of a bike shop, service and repair and a place for bike testing. Knowing that in VÈLO7 it is all about two-wheelers, our designers tapped into bicycle inspirations.

The triangular forms and slant surfaces used throughout the interior refer to the shape of the bicycle frame. Its characteristic geometry was also translated into specially designed bike racks, which resulted in additional space for bike presentation.

Space reflecting bicycle geometry

Apart from bicycle inspirations, the designers also applied the visual identification of the brand and its logo created by Minima Advertising People™. As the brand is owned by genuine enthusiasts, their passion and commitment had to be reflected already at the graphic level. The black-and-white interior matches the visual representation of VÈLO7, while the dividing lines and lighting refer to its triangular logo.

The rhythm of cycling races

The ground plan of the entire store provides for the ultimate, albeit slightly concealed, cycling-related element. The respective zones are divided in a way that resembles a bicycle wheel with the display zone located in the centre (the hub) and converging lines representing the spokes. The interior has a dynamic form which is to reflect the rhythm of bicycle races.

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ul. Zwierzyniecka 28D/2
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